Kibale Necklace


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I didn’t expect to go to Uganda on my last trip to Africa… but everyone whom I met said not to leave until I spent some time there. So happy I did… only 2 weeks but long enough to know I want to go back.


One highlight was a chimpanzee habituation that I took part in for a day. It was a highlight of my time there. Tracking the chimps through the forest, watching them in the  trees and experiencing a ” chimp frenzy” where they all dropped from the trees and rushed past us in what would be called an eye-opening experience.


The black raw diamonds are the chimps hanging from the trees within the Kibale National Forest. The peridots below are the shrubs and grasses that they drop down to.

Sedona Mokumé

Chain : 18” 18k pink and yellow gold (other lengths available)

Materials : 18k yellow gold /14k pink gold

Stones : 3.75 mm peridots


53mm x 53mm x10 mm


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