Waitomo Glow Necklace

(why toe moe)

My visit to the  Waitomo caves in the north island of New Zealand was courtesy of some locals who were so excited to hear I had never been spelunking. A late night entry into these caves was responsible for my spending many an hour spelunking far below ground surface in New Zealand.  It was not only my first experience with stalactites and stalagmites, but with the incredible phenomena of seeing thousands of glowworms in a cave. Found only in New Zealand, their presence in the underground caves is reminiscent of being immersed within a starry sky.


Arctic Mokumé

14k palladium white gold, sterling silver


accents and rails: 18k yellow gold

white diamonds with 18k yellow gold bezel

16-18" stainless steel chain


32mm h x 32mm w

sold: Please inquire to purchase a similar design


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