Schwedagon Pagoda Necklace


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Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar, located in Yangon. It is breathtaking to walk upon, located in the centre of Yangon. Certainly not something to be missed by any traveller to this country.


This piece of mokume was sitting in my studio for a few years, refusing to become anything other than what it was. I was sorting through some photos of some time I spent in Myanmar a few years back and was again astounded by the beauty of this Stupa in Yangon. As I went down to my studio, this piece of Mokume finally decided to have it’s voice heard and this piece just came together.


I am so happy it was stubborn as I really love this piece.

Arctic Mokumé

14k palladium white gold and sterling silver

Rails: 14k pink gold

Chain 1 : 18k pink gold (16" total length)

Chain 2: sterling open cable (8" total length)

Stones: green garnets in 18k yellow gold bezel

Jump Rings: 18k yellow gold

Dimensions (as shown):

9cm h X 2.5cm w


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