South America Pendant

One of a kind


I spent quite a bit of time in South America over the years. Since volunteering with the Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation 15 years ago, much of my time has been spent in Southeast Asia. I miss South America and hope to get back there soon.


This piece of mokume reminds me of the shape of South America, which also reminds me of my desire to return. Each stone is representative of a country where I have spent time backpacking:  Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Galapagos ( because I really do consider them to be separate entities !!) The last stone is where I want to go on my next trip… Patagonia… even though it will encompass both Argentina and Chile … hopefully!!


Arctic Mokumé

Chain : 22” 18k yellow gold (other lengths available)

Materials : 18k yellow gold bezels / 18k yellow gold bail / 18k yellow gold back / sterling silver perimeter

Stones : 3.75 mm apricot sapphires / 2.5 mm white diamonds / 3.0 mm yellow sapphires


90mm length x 35mm width

available for purchase


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