If you have found yourself on my page, you are likely someone who searches out the unique, the unusual, those art forms where you say “you are mine”.  That is the beauty of handmade, craft jewelry. 


Unlike many websites, I do not have a shopping cart. I am a micro business. This means that I design, I make, I sell, I market (something I am not so good at) and I ship. 


I expect every person to be different. This may mean that you love a design that you see on my site, but perhaps you would like a different stone, a different colour of gold, a different chain… perhaps you want that chain longer. My business is about personalising your piece. Call or email with your request and I will provide a quote for you. 


How did I begin you ask?


Solo travel to countries where I do not know the language or culture has become my thing since my first trip to Mexico at 17… challenging me to become stronger, kinder, more open, more accepting and wiser. Each trip that I take teaches me just how kind strangers are, if only given the chance. The creation of mokume and Damascus  are very challenging as well. The flowing patterns created offer contrast & movement, a metaphor for the contrasts and similarities amongst cultures…..essentially, travel in metal. 


I have often returned with a traditional or contemporary piece of jewelry when travelling.  My current designs are all named after places I have traveled to, some with particularly fun stories. Go ahead and read about the personal stories associated with each piece.


Do you have a place or experience that is just so special that your mind re-visits it continuously? If so, perhaps you would like to tell me that story, send some photos and perhaps create a one of a kind piece, one that takes you back to that space that makes you feel whole each time you wear it.