Nyrigongo Bracelet

ONE OF A KIND- hand fabricated-




Mokume: 18k yellow gold,14k palladium white gold, 14k pink gold, sterling silver, etched

Perimeter: 18k yellow gold,14k palladium white gold, 14k pink gold

Stones: 2.5mm apricot sapphires in 18k pink gold bezels



40 mm width x 90 mm length

To measure bracelet size, take a soft tape measure and wrap around wrist at desired fit. Be sure to slide it up and down to see how it will fall when your arm is at your side.

length adjusted with addition or removal of  jump rings on band


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(nyir i gongo)


My hike up to Nyrigongo Lava lake in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo yielded the pendant. It just had to be made. The beauty of an active volcanic lake cannot be understated, despite the danger that is linked to it.


This piece of mokume didn’t quite know how to express itself. I could not cut it up to create other pieces… so again… it had to wait to find its voice.  I knew it would be a bracelet but it wasn’t until after I came home that the myriad colours jumped into my Nyrigongo memories.

This bracelet is one of a kind and a custom piece as the length must be adapted to the wearer.




Bracelet Size

Small: 5.5", Medium: 6", Large: 6.25"