Cohasset stud hoops- Sedona/sterling silver


A little more than a stud, but not quite a hoop….



Mokume: 18k yellow gold, 14k pink gold, 14k palladium white gold & sterling silver  etched with 14k pink gold  back

earwire : sterling silver



18mm length

Organic style with slight variation with each individual piece.

All items are handmade and will have their own distinctive patterning, creating a truly one of a kind design.


In stock:          items will ship in 4-7 days. 

Backordered:  All items are handmade to order if not in stock.

                          Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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Named after the town in Cape Cod, I designed these after a client asked for a hoop that wasn’t quite a hoop.

My original Cohasset was too dramatic for a client who loves studs… but who also wanted to experiment with something a wee bit different. I wanted to keep these simple but with a little kick to say ” I am small, but unique”.