Jaipur Earrings-Arctic


Though not considered heavy, these earrings are a little more substantial than the other styles in my line, so be aware. Another style with a great amount of movement, they will certainly be a great addition to any outing. Or you could just stay at home and feel elegant while enjoying some time alone.



Mokume: 14k palladium white gold & sterling silver etched

back: sterling silver roll-printed

Ear post and accents: 18k yellow gold



48mm length  x 28mm width

All items are handmade and will have their own distinctive patterning, creating a truly one of a kind design.

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(djeye poor)

The striking architecture of The Pink City of Jaipur, India will always be in my mind when I see crescent shapes. The plethora of colour worn by the Rajasthani women, the changing hues on the pink sandstone as the day progressed and the care that people took to ensure a young woman travelling alone was safe will be the highlights of this city.