Kancamagus Earrings with Diamonds-Aspen Nights

The flat chain on these earrings creates a lovely reflection and sparkle as there is more surface area for the light to reflect off of. I prefer to wear these with the shorter length grazing my jawline…. but either way will look beautiful.



Mokume: 18k yellow gold, 14k palladium white gold & sterling silver oxidised

chain/ earwire : 2.4mm oval cable link, 18k yellow gold

Diamonds: 2.5 mm in 18k yellow gold bezel


DIMENSIONS:  2.5″ length:

Organic style with slight variation in size and shape with each individual piece.

All items are handmade to order and will have their own distinctive patterning, creating a truly one of a kind design.

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(kangk a mang gus)

While living in New Hampshire and Maine, this was the highway that would take me back home to visit my family back in Canada. The numerous swimming holes and streams strewn with pebbles, rocks and stones are stunning parts of this scenic highway in the White Mountains of NH. My dog would get particularly excited when our rest stop would allow her to play in the shallow waters.

This design is an organic style where pebbles vary in shape and size with each individual piece.      Can be ordered with or without diamonds.