South Pacific Pearl Earrings-Sedona


The mokume allows me to remember the beautiful sunsets in the South Pacific after coming back to shore from a day of diving. I love how the “shell” nestles these  beautiful black pearls…. keeping their bounty safe.



Mokume: 18k yellow gold, 14k pink gold,14k palladium white gold & sterling silver etched

Ear wire and accents: 18k yellow gold

Pearls: 7.5mm Tahitian black with teal undertones



approximately 50mm length  x 15 mm width

Organic style with slight variation with each individual piece.

All items are handmade and will have their own distinctive patterning, creating a truly one of a kind design.


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Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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The South Pacific is home to the lustrous Tahitian Pearl.


While in this area, I was hoping that on one of my dives I would find a Tahitian black-lipped oyster with a spectacular pearl. I didn’t…… so  I decided to create my own oyster shell with a black pearl within it.